Terms of use

The Bare content environment is a virtual space platform for watching live presentations via the internet and accessing photo, video, and post publications by users registered on the platform.

    1. The following terms, when used in these Terms of Use, will have the following meaning:
      1. “IP Address” is the code assigned to a network terminal to enable User identification, defined according to international parameters;
      2. "Confidential Information" means any information that: is marked as "Confidential" or reasonably considered confidential; including the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, as well as all User's registered information; and the way the Site operates, Bare's platform type and any and all information about Bare's business model. However, they will not be considered "Confidential Information".
      3. “Internet” is the system consisting of a set of logical protocols, structured worldwide for public and unrestricted use, with the purpose of enabling data communication between terminals through different networks; and iv. “Site” is the platform located at: https://beta.bare.network/, the domain of which is owned by Bare Affiliate, through which the User will access the functionality of the Site. This platform can also operate at other electronic addresses. Such email addresses are also included in this Site definition.
    2. The title of the clauses are for reference only and do not affect the interpretation of these Terms of Use.
    3. Unless otherwise provided in these Terms of Use, singular words include the plural and vice versa; The words in the masculine gender include the feminine, the neutral gender and vice versa.
    4. By using the Site and accepting the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, the User agrees that Bare may modify these Terms of Use at any time by updating the Site. The update date will be displayed in the header of these Terms of Use. Changes will take effect on the update date indicated at the top of the page. Changes will not be retroactive and Bare will notify User of changes to the Terms of Use whenever commercially reasonable. However, you should check the Site frequently to ensure that you are aware of the most current version of these Terms of Use. Following the posting of changes, your use of the Site will mean that you have accepted the changes. If you do not agree with the changes, you should no longer access this Site. If you have questions about these Terms of Use or any questions or comments about the Site, the User should send an email.
    1. The purpose of these Terms of Use is to define the terms and conditions for the use by the User of the Site that will enable him to contract live presentations via the Internet and access photos, videos, made by Bare registrations, who rent the virtual space for make available such presentations, photos, videos.
      1. Bare registrations, through the Site, provide interactive online content, live audio and video streams, and photo, video postings intended for adults only. By accessing the Site, the User may view graphic depictions, nudity, adult language and descriptions of explicit sexual activity, including situations of a sexual nature involving heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.
      2. User access and registration on the Site is free. The User will only have to pay Bare coin if they buy credits to purchase services provided by the platform.
    2. These terms apply to all Site Users, whether a "visitor" or a "registered user". By accessing any part of the Site, you irrevocably and irrevocably agree to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, You shall not use the Site or purchase credits from the Employer. In the event of breach of any provision of these Terms of Use, Bare may prevent the User from using the Site and acquiring Contractor's credits by blocking their access and canceling their account.
    3. Bare is not responsible for any posted content but monitors the content of the Site. If it is found or reported that the User has posted anything deemed inappropriate under these Terms of Use, the User may be blocked from accessing the Site. If the User discloses content that belongs to other people and if they feel bothered (by filing a lawsuit), the User may be blocked from accessing the Site. Bare assumes no responsibility for disclosure by User. You are solely responsible for the content you post.